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Hi everyone, so glad you stopped by to visit my blog and hopefully the shop.   I am  Linda Dale Milroy from Poughkeepsie, NY : United States. I have had the privilege of being  married to my wonderful husband and sole mate Guy for 45 yrs. , before he passed away in  2012, due to his battle with lung cancer.  I am so very grieved by this loss off this wonderful man but so very blessed to have a fairy tale life together for 45 years. We have 3 adult children, 8 grandchildren and 2 great granddaughters.  I love to garden and be outside when possible. I also love to craft and am addicted to paper crafting and blogging. I am so thankful to God (Yahweh) * for all He has done for our family.

The start of this shop was a dream of ours to help provide during our retirement.  That changed with his passing but now more then ever I am passionate about making this work and providing quality crafting dies and supplies at discounted prices.  Discounts will depend on requirements of products companies.  Some companies only allow a certain percentage off in order to carry their products.

I am a decorative painter from way back but  painting is not always easy, setting up, cleaning up, messy and can not be done just anywhere.   Not to mention carrying and hauling everything to craft fairs.   Paper crafting began as my second love and has now become my passion.  Another way for me to express my creativity.  I have met some great gifted crafters since I started this blog and am so thankful for all of their inspiration and help.

Thanks for visiting my site. I love comments so please leave one and leave your blog address so I can visit you too. Remember to think lovely thoughts and create something beautiful as often as possible.

* You might wonder why I have used the name of Yahweh when referring to God.  So here is just a brief explanation.   God’s name is mentioned 7000 time in the original transcripts of the Bible.  God must have thought it very important or He would not have mentioned it 7000 times.   Yet when man translated the bible to make it easier for us to read they changed His name to Lord or God.  His name is Yahweh.    His son’s name is Jesus to most Christians, which is the correct English translation, however the original translation says that God gave his son the name of Yeshus,  which means Yahweh saves.   I have been a Christian for 39 yrs and never knew that until a few years ago. .  It excites me to know what Jesus’s God given name is.  It is hard to change our ways and I will probably always use the name of Jesus but Yeshus is even more special to me because of the meaning. I just think that is so very cool.