My Craft Room

In January of 2012 I was part of a Show Me Your Craft Room Blog Hop. Since it took a long time to get ready and posting all this information was so time consuming, I decided to make a page just for the craft room. You will find ideas that I hope you can use in your own space, if it is like mine, it is always changing. For now though I am pretty satisfied with the way it is arranged. It works well for me. The only think I would love is twice the space. Then again who wouldn’t. Hope you enjoy looking.

craft room nop

Welcome,  so glad you could stop by.  I hope you enjoy what you see and can take some ideas back to your own craft space.    If you came here from  Claire’s blog  then you are in the right place.  If you would like to start at the beginning the please go to our hostess Lluvia at

First let me say that while my space is not the smallest space by any means.  I have seen craft spaces from those who have tiny spaces,  crafts stored under a bed and who have to  work on the floor and I really feel for them.    While my space is larger than that is it still challenging to make things fit in a way that I will use them.    Out of sight out of mind is my theory.   I need to be able to see most of my stuff and yet I hate clutter.   So this is what I have come up with and I hope you can use some of my ideas.

Please let me a comment and let me know what you think.   I love comments.



Here we go:

The door to my space: Redone in 2014

I love this saying, It is a Darcie Heater Original kit. ” I followed my heart and found you”


Once you open the door this is what you see.

Around the room #1

Next few photos are around the room


Around the Room #2

Lots of storage all labeled of course

Around room #3

Below is a close up of the marker storage the cubes are

supposed to be inside the main cube but I put them on top for

more space in the cube for paper pads. Marker cube

can be brought over to the work table.

close up of markers and pads

Below is my work space where I sell my craft supplies

everything is organized in baskets or boxes

Desk area of stuff I sell

End of room with copier

Above is the end of around the room.

Coper and supplies on a circuit cart

Below are my work table. two bar tables

that are tied together, works well for now

at some point I may opt for a square table

Room with table too much

Ok so now that you have seen my space I want to show you how I organize some of the items, especially my embellishment.

I have changed the way I store my items over the years to what works best for me.

Below is the section by the closet when you first come in the room

I love the new cubes with dividers that can be taken out if needed

Top section drawers by door

Here are the cubes open with all of my flowers sorted by color

Love those flowers all organized and labeled

Top section by door opend drawers

The bottom drawers in the photo above are called

Letter Press Cubes.  Two thin drawers and one a bit thicker.

Great for embellishments


Below is my embossing and cutting station.  Black boxes

are from Ikea. I store all my dies and embossing folders

In Avery Ell Storage Pockets that are clear plastic

Sorte by theme or manufacture.  Love being able to find

something quick.

close up of dies over embossing

Below the machine I store the machine plates and tools

catalogues for reference and other supplies related


close up of clear stamps and stencils

Above Photo is how I store all my clear and cling stamps

as well as my stencils.  In Avery Elle Plastic Storage Pockets.

by theme or manufacture.  I can find almost anything quickly

Just below those clear stamp I store my wood stamps

in photo below. These are more letter press drawers made

by recollection.  I love that they are thin and there is only

one layer so i can see everything at a glance

around the room stamps open


Below is how i store some of my ribbon

This is cut to 3/4 inches long and secured

with a medium binder clip.  The clip just

rests on a thin curtain rod.  This is the ribbon I put

in small bags with a business card label for each order

I sell as a thank you.  Keeps the ribbon nice and straight

until I am ready to make more packages.

Hanging ribbon

This is an old photo my dies are now in the Ikea boxes

with Avery Elle Storage Pockets but I do store my large

dies in this binder still

Just below the flower cube storage are Jet Max Drawers.  This is how I store my embellishments and ribbons.

Embellishment drawer,  seven compartment craft locking Craft Mates,  turned on the side so I can see them at a glance, all with labels.
20 embleshment drawer
Second drawer below has charms and more.
13 Charms drawer
Ribbon storage on 3 x 2.5 pieces of card stock.  What took up three or four drawers and shelves now only take up one drawer.  140 spools of ribbon fit in here and it really does not take that long to do.
14 ribbon drawer
Below I store my lace and twine the same way,  container holds embroidery floss which I use for some cards.
15 twine drawer and lace
Paper ribbon will be stored the same way once I get it done.  It is just on larger pieces of card, what ever fits your space.
Last drawer are beads and pieces of material the my friend who is a Tailor gives me.  I take off any beads and sequins and use them on my cards as needed.
Second set of drawers hold stickers. These are Jet Max units and the drawer  is meant to hold cards.  The dividers come out and you can use only what you need.  Filed in alphabetical order by subject.  This drawer is right next to my chair and easy to get at.
Another card drawer with small scrap card and more stickers.
19 second sticker paper drawer
In the rest of the drawers I store tools not used often but accessible.
20 tools drawer
Christmas paper when not in use. And below that are all my Christmas stamps stored loose so I can get more in the drawer.  The drawers come out so I just bring it to my workspace.
21 christmas paper pads
pre-cut out Lacey Labels and Elegant Labels from the Cricut Cartridges and store them in unused plastic containers that use to hold my stampin up stamps.  Sometimes I use CD case or anything similar that will fit.  I love the Stampin up cases they are awesome for storing this type of stuff.
They are usually stored by size and color
17 basket storage
In the next one I store stamped images for future use.
I also have another basket with shaped in it.
18 basket storage
Glue dots, tacky glue and cards
25 top bin drawers
More cards and more glue.
26 next bin drawers
I really wanted a rolling cart for extra work space and they were too expensive so my husband purchase two $9 drawer units and bolted them together and then put a wooden top on it.  So I can roll it out to where I am working and put my cutter or what ever I need on it.  See the next photo below this one. When not in use it rolls under the desk. Thanks Hubby.
27 rolling carts
28 rolling carts with top
Scrap Paper Storage

This is what i use for solid colored card.  I just take it to my work space and I love it .  I have each color in a plastic sheet protector so I can just take it out.   This works best for me.  They cost about $10 at Staples without a top, there are 21 compartments.

solid paper scraps
Pattered Paper Storage
Patterned Paper is still in my old system a binder with plastic sleeve.  I will be converting that over to the same system as the solid card above.   The binders are nice but it just works better for me in the file sorter above.  On the left if you look close you can see I used zip lock bags since I ran out of the plastic sleeve and they work just as good.   All about saving money to have more money for craft stuff.
patterened paper binder
Cricut Cartridge Storage: 
Cartridge images in binder
I had the idea that if I could see all my cartridge images in a binder that I might actually use my Cricut Expression more.   I printed out a copy of each cartridges images and put them in a binder in alphabetical order.  Then when I need an image I just flip through the binder to find what I need in a hurry.  I love it and it works great for me.
I took that one step further and also did lots of other pages of stuff I have.
Spellbinders Dies below.
Die in binder
Copic List of Colors:
Copics in binder
I also have pages of all my stamp verses,  stamps, ink colors,  glitter etc.
Yes it does take time but the great thing about it is I know what I have and when I go to a show or on a shopping trip I take my binder with me so I do not buy duplicates.
Cricut Cartridge Storage System I use: 
This container is meant to hold ribbon.  $10 at Michaels  $5 with a coupon
 Cricut cartridge storage
I used plastic canvas to make the small grid below which is in the skinny section of the container
cartridges in bottom box
The larger section holds the books in alphabetical order.
Top box of books

I now have two larger sections snapped together for the books. I also took out all the pages that were not in English that I did not need. This cuts down on space also.

That is is for now.  I hope I have not taken up too much of your time.  I love to craft but organization is the key for me.  If I have everything organized and in it’s place then I can find what I need quickly and get things made quick.  It has taken me a whole year to finally get my space the way I want it.
  Please leave me a comment  or ask a question and let me know what you think.