Scor-Tape by Scor-Pal 1/4 inch by 27 yards.


Scor-Tape by Scor-Pal  1/4 in by 27 yards

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Once you try it you won’t want to live without it.
It is the best on the market of its kind. Acid free, heat resistant, super sticky tape. It can be used with any paper craft medium you want. beads, glitter, ribbon, embossing powders, flocking powders.

This is the only thing I use for glueing down ribbon, it is wonderful. It is strong and permanent for card making, boxes, books, and anything else you can create.

Unlike other tapes, Scor-Tape is paper backed , ec0-friendly. you can tear it with your thumb & finger no need for a blade or sicissor.

This is a great value, unlike other small rolls, Score Tape is 27 yards long. That is 81 feet. You can do a lot of crafting with this one roll.
Scor Tape comes in 1/8, 1/4. 1/2, 1 in and larger sizes.


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